Thursday, March 31, 2022

You're Invited to an IMPERFECT II Out-of-Proportion Party!

 It's time to celebrate the release of IMPERFECT II!

This anthology for middle schoolers is a tribute to the difficult work of keeping things in perspective. The IMPERFECT II poets have reached out with their understanding about losing perspective and their knowledge of getting it back. 

What amazes me is that you can have 10 different photographers in the same room, and you see 10 different rooms. You realize how much of it is the person's perspective rather than the situation itself.

                                                                                     Rick Smolan

It can take a long time to learn that the way you are seeing things is not the only way to see them. Here's hoping that IMPERFECT II can support that understanding.

IMPERFECT II poet Jone Rush MacCulloch is hosting a book birthday art supply giveaway! Check it out. :) 

Normally we like to keep things in proportion, but at today's party we're turning our perspective upside-down and looking at things from another angle before we reel it in!

Feel free to dance in Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Room if you can keep your balance!

 Maybe you feel more like playing chess?

Help yourself to a giant cupcake:

I'm going to go play in the adult bouncy house and then I'll try to find my lost hat. Let me know if you spot it. It's pretty small.

Sample the teeny truffles or have a piece of the six-foot sandwich. There's croquet in the backyard. I think it might take two people to swing the mallets -- they're big! out for the cat...

Thanks for coming! I'll be posting nearly every day in April (National Poetry Month).

P.S. In addition to Jone, you can also visit several other poets celebrating IMPERFECT II today: Michelle HB, April, and Heidi.


  1. Tabatha, you have always inspired me and impressed me...and you've simply outdone yourself with this book and blog. Well done. Congratulations and many thanks for including me in Imperfect II.

    1. Ditto what Linda Mitchell says, Tabatha. And this is on my wish list: a retreat with all the imperfect poets...or all the kidlitosphere poets...or another Poetry Camp with Janet & Sylvia!

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  3. As I was furiously pedaling my tricycle to get here today, I stopped at the Jeff Jordan gallery and met this li'l cutie: Congratulations on another successful (and possibly superhuman) endeavor to put this Imperfect anthology together with so much else happening in your life and the world. Well done, you! Can I get a thimble of milk to go with that giant cupcake? xo

  4. Happy book birthday and congratulations, Tabatha! Toasting you with a river of champagne and some mile-high pie.

  5. Hahahaha--the tiny hat. Just don't do the tiny fingers--those creep me out. Congratulations on this anthology, Tabatha! I think it's really going to connect...

  6. I LOVE the examples of perspective! And I can't wait to read every poem in this anthology. Thank you, Tabatha!

  7. LOVE the cupcake, but that cat is downright scary!
    Happy book birthday! I'm toasting you with a tiny bit of tea in a petite white demitasse. (Wish I had the tiny hat to go with it!) Looking forward to holding this wonderful anthology in my hands.

  8. Ah what a fun party, I definitely have to duck into the adult bouncy house, and perhaps I can help you find that hat… Congratulations on "Imperfect II's" Book Birthday, how exciting!!! 💗 🥰🌷

  9. Golly, I think my whole life is kind of an out-of-proportion party sometimes! This is all so exciting, Tabatha, and it's fun to have a blog dedicated to a book. Can't wait to get my hands on it!


Thank you!