Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rebecca Gardyn Levington

IMPERFECT II poet Rebecca Gardyn Levington shares what helps her regain perspective:
Above my desk is a framed greeting card. It depicts a watercolor painting of a bird flying high in the blue sky, with fish swimming down below. The text reads: “When troubles seem too heavy, fly like a bird high into the sky and see how small the earth becomes.” Anytime I lose perspective, I glance up at that image, take a deep breath, and remind myself how good my life is. This helps me to recast my “troubles” into what they most often are — mere inconveniences or disappointments from which I know I will move on soon enough.
Rebecca Gardyn Levington is a children’s book author, poet, and journalist with a particular penchant for penning both playful and poignant picture books and poems – primarily in rhyme. Her debut picture book Brainstorm! (Sleeping Bear Press, 2022) hits bookshelves this summer. She has four more rhyming picture books releasing in the next two years, including the inspirational I Will Always Be… (HarperCollins, 2024). You can find Rebecca’s poems in various magazines including Spider, Highlights High Five, The Caterpillar, Countdown, and Honeycake: The Jewish Magazine For Creative Kids, as well as in the anthologies Hop To It: Poems To Get You Moving, Imperfect II, Poems About Perspective: An Anthology for Middle Schoolers and Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Cats. Find out more about Rebecca at and follow her on Twitter at @WriterRebeccaGL.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Michelle Kogan

IMPERFECT II poet Michelle Kogan shares her perspective helpers with us:
Meditation with a mantra, even for short periods of 10 minutes in the morning helps me stay focused and calm throughout the day. I learned Transcendental mediation when I was sixteen and have continued meditating throughout most of my life.

Deep breathing, breathing in through your nose, holding for about to six counts and exhaling with an ocean breath out through your mouth, again with count to six. I’ll often do some deep breathing while meditating.

When in a stressful situation I’ll begin meditating and or deep breathing to help.
Michelle Kogan, a poet, writer, artist, and instructor, grows her writing and art from her love and interrelationship with nature and humanity. She was a semi- finalist for Poet’s Billow 2021 Bermuda Triangle Prize, included in Silver Birch Press’ Prime Mover series; and these poetry anthologies: 10 •10 POETRY ANTHOLOGY Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways, Imperfect: poems about mistakes: an anthology for middle schoolers, and The Best of Today’s Little Ditty volume I – III. Her artworks are in museum and university collections; catalogues, and publications.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Writing exercises

In's 24 of the Best Writing Exercises to Become a Better Writer, Sean Glatch suggests "Write From Different Perspectives."

Glatch says, "Try these ideas as daily writing exercises:
*Write a story with the same plot, but with two or more perspectives. For example, you could write a lover’s quarrel from two different view points.
* Write from the point-of-view of a famous historical figure.
* Write a story or poem from the perspective of an object: a statue, a doll, a roomba, etc.
* Write from the perspective of a person you dislike."

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Science Fiction

Writing and reading can help with perspective, no matter the genre. American engineer, physician, and astronaut Mae Jemison points out that science fiction can help us look at things differently:

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Jone Rush MacCulloch

To regain perspective, IMPERFECT II poet Jone Rush MacCulloch says she turns to making art (mixed media art or taking photographs), taking walks or naps, or talking with a trusted person. Jone Rush MacCulloch once lived in a K5 school library by day. As a retired teacher librarian she is pursuing Scottish Gaelic, photography, poetry, and mixed media. Each of these sends her down rabbit holes of research. She’s been published in THINGS WE DO, Hop To It, Poetry Friday anthology for Celebrations, New Bridges; a haiku anthology. Daily naps, dark chocolate and reading are essential.