Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Elisabeth Norton

Checking in to see how IMPERFECT II poet Elisabeth Norton regains perspective:
Elisabeth’s favorite way to reset her perspective is to go walking in nature, whether it’s a short walk around the park, a longer walk along the river near her home, or a day-long hike along a mountain ridge. Being in nature reminds her that the world is bigger than all of the appointments on her calendar, the items on her to-do list and any problems she may be worried about.

If she needs to reset her perspective and can’t get away into nature, Elisabeth will take a few minutes to be quiet and alone. In that time, she names everything she’s feeling — both her emotions (“This is frustration.” or “I feel so angry right now.”) and her physical sensations (“My shoulders are tense.” or “I can feel the pressure of my feet on the floor.”). She keeps naming feelings and sensations until any overwhelming thoughts or feelings have settled.
Elisabeth Norton grew up in a little house that really did have a pansy next to the front door which survived the cold Alaskan winters to bloom again each spring. When she was sixteen, she sold an essay she wrote for English class to a magazine, and the dream of being a writer was born. She lives with her family in Switzerland, where she teaches English as a Foreign Language and writes poetry, books, and English Language Learning materials for young readers. You can find out more about her and her writing on her website: You can read more of her poetry on her blog:

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